As I start this post, the rear-part of my body aches, after a nice thrashing from the hostel junta. Apparently this is my gift on having incremented my account of revolutions, around a big ball of gases. (The total now moves on to 20) [isn’t this apparent credit, really a debit?] It was more than compensated for, with a lovely cake though.

I just want to thank all the junta, [relatives and friends and enemies and everyone else], who love me for what I am, even if all they get back is stupidity, imperfection, insincerity, hypocrisy and all sorts of crap. Thanks to everyone who pray for me to grow, up and not just old. Thanks a Million.

A couple of decades through, and still no idea where life’s taking me. Isn’t LIFE an opportunity that we need to make the most out of?

Just hoping, this year gives me some wisdom, a little courage and a lot more love to make the most of this opportunity.