Bookmarks [2011/03/16]
Mar 16, 2011
2 minute read
  • Being an outsider — Kiran Jonnalagadda’s Blog

    tags: life, programming, learning, inspiration

    The truth is, in the eleven plus years of my working life I’ve never worked at a software house, have never attended a computer class, and have no certifications. I wrote code through the ’90s, code and little else, telling everyone I was going to be a “software developer” when I grew up, and ultimately falling out of the academic system. But when it came to going to work, did I do the expected thing and join a software house? No, sir, I went into print publishing. What one does first sets the template, and this one sure did. I’ve put my foot into all manner of disciplines other than computer science, playing the saviour who produces the code, but bearing no certifications. I could afford it because I had put in my 10,000 hours already. After that much exposure, learning becomes automatic and incremental. I haven’t looked at a technology guide book in over a decade because I don’t need to. The book on my bedside today is on law. The one below it on film studies.

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