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Nov 4, 2013
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  • bash What are the special dollar sign shell variables? Stack Overflow

    • Positional parameters $1,$2,$3… and their corresponding array representation, count and IFS expansion $@, $#, and $*.
    • $- current options set for the shell.
    • $$ pid of the current shell (not subshell)
    • $_ most recent parameter (or the abs path of the command to start the current shell immediately after startup)
    • $IFS the (input) field separator
    • $? most recent foreground pipeline exit status
    • $! PID of the most recent background command
    • $0 name of the shell or shell script
  • 19 Things You Need To Stop Over Thinking | Thought Catalog

    There is a time and a place for reflection and contemplation about the greater universe. Now, I know I sound like a hypocrite because I do write about these things a lot, but I’ll tell you now, as someone who does over-think it, sometimes you just have to let it be what it is and not become overwhelmed by the vastness, mysteriousness and unknown possibility that lies around us. It can be more debilitating than inspiring sometimes.

  • These Are The Things I Truly Believe In | Thought Catalog

    I believe in the flow of life from one to another, in being kind.

  • When Sachin Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan as a 13 year old Cricket News & Articles |

    “Sachin saw Hemant and asked in Marathi ‘Me zaaoo ka?’ (‘Can I go’)? Before Hemant could nod his head, Sachin was already in the field as a substitute for Pakistan. It was towards the end of the match and Sachin was on the field for about 25 minutes.”

  • Visualizing World Birth and Death Rates

    World Births and Deaths in Real-Time (Beta) World Population: 7,093,354,367 (estimated) (Statistical Simulation Based on World Birth/Death Rates)

  • The abundance of slowness — Content Creators & Curators — Medium

    Deep down, many of us wonder if we’re wasting our time on things of little consequence. So we keep skittering along the surface at a feverish pace, avoiding the mirror of introspection.

    I’ve found recently that when the time is used well, slowness can actually be one of the most profound sources of abundance.

    And on the positive side, sometimes entrepreneurs work on their businesses after hours out of love, rather than straining toward an overly-optimistic deadline out of fear. I’ve been there, I’ve put in the hours and I’ll do it again. But not unless I’m motivated by love.

  • Programming Excellence

    These are all books that were recommended to me by various people on twitter, presented in no particular order. Thanks! – @hmason

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