I bought a new bike, about a month ago, and today was the first longish ride on it. Well, longish compared to my ~1.5km rides to the office.

At 19:45, I just set out to get some fresh air. After sitting for two days, inside the house, by the evening on Sunday, I tend to get stuffy. I started riding westward and the fresh air got to my head, I ended up pedaling too far away to get back, without going to the beach. It was fun, having adrenaline pumping all over. But, there was much more traffic than I would’ve liked. Anyway, one shower on the way up, and one puncture on the way back (thankfully, close enough to my house), it was a fun ride on the whole.

I didn’t time myself, but I roughly covered about 25 kms in say about ~2 hours. Hoping to start riding more frequently and going on longer rides.