Exam time now. Sleep time cut-down! [already compensated for, during the whole semester! :D] Getting up quite early during these days…. [To cram in something at the last minute.. :P]

But all that kept aside, I feel great to be waking up early in the morning. Watching the Sun rise.. is a great feeling. The calm of the dawn, the chirping of the birds n the cool breeze.. Its absolutely amazing – awe inspiring. Its a great experience. A rare one for me,though.. :( For the last four semesters, I have been a part of the owl-tribe… staying awake till late in the night and doing all sorts of stuff… [other than study - during the non-exam time…] Its great fun staying awake very late in the night… having fun with friends… B’day parties, Musical sessions in Ringo’s room, Movies, Carrom-Nights, all-night Chats(online n offline..) and lots of other stuff.

But all this can be done during the day can’t it[The fun of doing it in the night is totally different though..]?? If I enjoy the morning times so much, shouldn’t I be enjoying it more often? If its such a great feeling.. to be waking up in the morning.. should I trade it with all the fun I have, late in the night?? Is it worth it? Like Voodoo believes, should I put in efforts to enjoy the sunrise each day?? Is it time.. that I try out the cliche… “Early to Bed, Early to Rise…” [EBER – that’s what UC calls it… and hence the title… :P]

Update: If for Fear, people are able to cut-down so much on their sleep, and work so hard, I wonder how much is possible for LOVE. I think this is the thing that drives all the great achievers… the Scientists.. the Hackers.. the Artists.. the Engineers… the Writers.. the Doctors.. and a lot of others… I need to find something, that I would Love to work on.