Over the last two days, I hacked up my first Chrome extension. I’ve been using Chrome only for the past couple of weeks or so and I begin to like it, though some of the extensions aren’t as mature as I would’ve liked.

The original idea was floated by my friend, Madhu, and Lee helped me quite a bit, while I was working on it.

What does it do?

It is a simple extension, that shows pop-ups, whenever there is an update in your GitHub “Wall” (yes, this is a Facebook world) or News Feed as they call it.

After installation, you will need to save your username and token for the extension to work.

Where to get it?

Presently, you will need to get it from GitHub.

I might add it to the Chrome Web Store, once I see more people using it. I couldn’t justify, to myself, paying the initial one-time verification fee that Google asks for.

UPDATE: [2011-03-04 Fri] Added GetHub to the store

Comments and Feedback

Happy GitHubbing!