In memory of two gems, Koteshwar Rao Sir and Madhusudhan.

This, surely is a tremendous loss for the world, especially the world of Math. I pray, from the bottom of my heart, May your Souls rest in peace.

I got to know both of them at the same place, IIT Study Circle, Hyderabad. Its not for long that I’ve been there and known them, but both of them definitely have a special place in my heart.

Koti, as we lovingly called him, will always remain an inspiration for me. ( and hundreds of others who’ve had the fortune to be his students ) An Inspiration to thoroughly love and enjoy what I am doing… to dedicate my life to something worthwhile… to be uncompromising on the quality of work I do. Though I’ve failed miserably in learning any amount of Math from him, I feel privileged to have been his student.

and Madhusudhan was my bench-mate in there! I didn’t speak much to him there, [speaking to your neighbors was a sin at that place] but I’ll never forget the Ratna days; Sanskrit/English classes once in a while, Chemistry Labs, Cycle rides/Walks back from college along with Veeru and Srinu discussing everything under the sun and the Krotov solving session in the park. Memories are all, that remain…