I recently discovered the interactives by HindustanTimes, and thoroughly loved some of them. It felt like a fresh breath of air amongst all the other Indian data driven journalism that I have been coming across in the recent past.

The visualizations are a lot more interactive than some of the other Indian publications. These remind me of NYT’s interactives, which are amongst the best you’d see, while more often than not exploring data in the Indian context. I really like that they explore a variety of ways of doing these visualizations, and don’t just fit the data into one of the many standard options available in a visualization library.

It feels like they are willing to take their time to do these visualizations, and are willing to collect data from multiple sources, and combine multiple datasets to tell a story. I also like the fact that the visualizations and the articles are more open-ended, allowing users to interact with and explore the data, rather than trying to come up with an article full of conclusions with a click-baity title. The fact that one of the sections is called Just for Fun speaks to me.

The data and the code used in most of these interactives is open and available on GitHub, which is nice!

On the whole, I think they are doing pretty good work, and I shall be on the lookout for even better stuff from them. I’m sure I’ll pick up a thing or two from their work, in my projects. Hopefully, other teams doing similar work will also learn from there and produce more good stuff for greedy readers like me.