PS stands for Practice School…

I would’ve titled this post, “NPL… here I come!!” but for all this…

It all began with an unannounced letter from the PS division… giving us just 5 days time to fill up our “PS-1” forms… with Waves round the corner.. this was too short a notice.. and the panic button was pressed.. and pressed real hard!! {lots of heated discussion.. frantic google searches.. repeated calls to/from home.. etc were kicked off…}

Then, the filling up of on-line forms… [oh you thought.. online forms were a cakewalk?? even i thought so.. until this!!] We had to fill a priority list of 214 items.. flat… That was not the big problem… We had a not so well developed form handler…[i’m probably being unfair to the developers…because the server also caused quite a few problems… but that’s the least i can say…] I know of people.. who learnt their options by-heart… thanks to the wonderful system and the server, that made them fill the whole list 4 to 5 times..

Then there was this headache of filling up everything in ink… [one of the rare ocassions.. other than reports for MT n Mu-P… when i wrote so much.. and felt it all useless…]

Then, a meeting organised by seniors to “help” us choose PS[Practice School] stations… noble intentions.. but i ended up being more confused!! [After telling all the good stuff.. they came down to the point that staying close to home.. is the best thing to do.. this put me in soup!]

All this is nothing when compared to the “declaration of results” (it wasn’t any exam.. to call the allotment.. results.. but the use of these words is intentional…) First, there was an April fool attempt by one of the students… it was quite cleverly planned but the little error of sending everyone the same password.. ended the whole thing tamely.. but it dindn’t go for nothing.. it was successful in rebuilding the stage… people began discussing the topic..

After a wait of 4 days… the D-day finally arrived… and people went crazy!! As if the excitement wasn’t enough.. the PSD added its bit.. the results weren’t sent to everyone at once.. they sent it one by one, discipline-wise… (god only knows how they managed the feat[around 1400 students!!], manually) People were eagerly waiting for the results… a world cup final would have been no match… F5 keys on all the keyboards took a beating… People shouting wildly!! (both in delight and rage..).. There was quite a lot of Drama…

Now after the reality has sunk in… its a bit cooler… but still quite humid.. every talk inevitably is leading just to this… a lot of analysis, discussions and post-mortem going on…. happy about their partners/collegues… people getting angry with others(both for discussing and not discussing about it..)… unhappy with partners… phew! a lot of action all around the place… [It’s as if a sleeping Giant has just been woken up…]

After all this hype and ballyhoo.. i just hope the PS stands up to something… I mean.. I hope I stand up to it…. and do something.. some small bit of work.. that’ll keep me hooked for a couple of months.. something that’ll be worth thinking of later on in life… something that’ll be worth posting abt…:-P ok!…. “NPL… Here I come…!!”

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