Airtel’s response to @karthikb351’s write up on how they are sniffing and censoring CloudFlare’s traffic in India was funny but sad, though, not totally unexpected. For instance, see @kingslyj’s version of how this might end.

I loved this interview with Amanda Palmer where she talks about her stolen Ukulele, Music, her dad and her baby and her love for life comes across, like in everything else she does. ‘I want to get a couple of T-shirts printed for me and the baby that say: “We are determined to enjoy ourselves”’, she says.

A year old but inspiring article on Serena Williams, shared by @baali. I like how she says, she’s opening the next door for the next person, like the many people who opened many doors for her. @baali also recommended this song from Neerja as background music, and I loved it!

Pierre buttin’s screenshot art is amusing and gives a sense of how distracted he is, each day of the week, and how distracted we are, as a people.

We were walking through the fields and bushes in Hampi and stopped at the gate of a private property. A bearded man with a calm look on his face asked us “Do you know where you are headed?”. And then let us walk across his beautiful nature home to the other side, where we found this amusing sign.

Finally, this Nike India ad on Women in Sport is great!