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Bookmarks [2013-11-09]

  • leftnode/get-shit-done

    Small script to configure your hosts file so you don't get distracted during the day.

  • 9 Mind Expanding Books Of Philosophy That Are Actually Readable (A Guide To Practical Philosophy) | Thought Catalog

    The irony is this is actually what ancient philosophy was intended to ameliorate. “Vain is the word of a philosopher,” Epicurus once said, “which does not heal the suffering of man.” Centuries later, Thoreau expressed this same thought: “To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school . . . it is to solve some of the problems of life, not only theoretically, but practically.”

  • 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy — This Chart Shows How PolicyMic

    Ten mega corporations control the output of almost everything you buy; from household products to pet food to jeans.

  • Forget About the Highlight Reel – High Release

    A lot of people mistake flashy ultimate for “good” ultimate—they think that chest-high layouts or 10-foot grabs in wolf packs are hallmarks of the elite game. But I beg to differ. It’s true, sometimes incredible feats of athleticism are the only way to save a possession or get a block—and they aren’t easy to execute. Still, it’s the most mundane things that often make the biggest impacts on the field.

  • A Course in Machine Learning

    CIML is a set of introductory materials that covers most major aspects of modern machine learning (supervised learning, unsupervised learning, large margin methods, probabilistic modeling, learning theory, etc.). It's focus is on broad applications with a rigorous backbone.


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