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Bookmarks [2013-12-23]

  • The Quad - Timeline Photos | Facebook

    You are there for one reason - to train hard, and to focus on all the things you need to be doing right - stance, breathing, form, recovery, chalking up, everything - and do them right. Quit faffing around!

    A training session is about an hour long, of mostly lifting stuff and time between lifting stuff, where you recover. If this isn't what you do, sleeping in is a better option.

  • Google’s Road Map to Global Domination -

    The map, at that point, will just be data: a way for our phones, cars and who knows what else to navigate in the real world. Whose data will that be: Google’s? Ours? Our car company’s? It’s too soon to tell. But one thing seems certain, O’Reilly says. In the end, “the guy who has the most data, wins.”

  • The One in Which I Call Out Hacker News - bitquabit

    The next time you see an application you like, think very long and hard about all the user-oriented details that went into making it a pleasure to use, before decrying how you could trivially reimplement the entire damn thing in a weekend. Nine times out of ten, when you think an application was ridiculously easy to implement, you’re completely missing the user side of the story.

  • Houses of Goa - About the Project

    The history of Goa is intrinsically linked to the many centuries of Portuguese presence and rule. Before the arrival of the Portuguese, most Goan houses were mostly made of mud and had a thatched roof. They faced inwards towards a central courtyard and had small windows, mostly devoid of ornaments.

    The Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510 and brought with them a host of cultural and aesthetic influences from Europe and other places. Goans who travelled abroad also returned with ideas and influences from other countries that they incorporated into their houses.

  • Spocial Revolution: The Ultimate Frisbee - More than just a flying disc

    the high that playing Ultimate Frisbee gives me, is pretty damn unbeatable.

  • The Madness of the Planets - Issue 8: Home - Nautilus

    “If you want to describe a specific person in detail, I cannot do it in a general scheme. There is a general scheme, but there are plenty of specific ramifications that drive you to be the person that you are. For a planetary system it is the same thing. That’s chaos: extreme sensitivity to tiny changes.”

  • Love at First Flight

    Why chase plastic for life?

    Love at First Flight is a documentary on ultimate, or rather, why people play ultimate. It is a documentary for non-players that tries to explain our passion for the sport that we love.


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