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Bookmarks [2014-02-12]

  • Learning to Code vs Learning Computer Science ← Terence Eden's Blog

    Learning to code is merely teaching people to spell.

    Computer Science is about what makes a poem beautiful, why alliteration is alluring, how iambic pentameter unlocks the secrets of Shakespeare.

  • Need a Project Idea? Scratch Your Own Itch

    how do you determine a need that isn't being fulfilled and might be the basis for a project/business? Two ways. You could ask people what problems they have that you might be able to help solve, or (for introverts like me) examine what processes or services feel needlessly difficult in your own life.

  • Generating a portrait from a hair: The work of Heather Dewey-Hagborg | TED Blog

    Dewey-Hagborg’s work is super interesting, not to mention searingly contemporary. “It’s a very accessible way for the public to engage with this new technology. It really brings to light how powerful it is, the idea that a hair from your head can fall on your street and a perfect stranger can pick it up and know something about it,” she says, adding: “With DNA sequencing becoming faster and cheaper, this is the world we’re all going to be living in.”

  • paperplanes. A Standing Desk Love Affair

    Standing up all day can be tough at first, but I'm much happier working like that. Plus, when you finally switch off at night, you'll feel like you've done more than just think and type.

  • OUseful Info: The Cost of Meetings - How Much Return on Investment Do YOU Get?

    If the counter is displayed during the meeting, then everyone can decide whether or not the meeting is generating a sensible return. Whoever has the courage to call off a meeting on the grounds it probably isn't worth it should get 10% of the expected meeting costs saved to spend on a project of their choice (no meetings allowed ;-).

  • 5 Ways To Burn Out Programming

    In short, it's easy to burnout. Do these 5 things, and you can burnout too.


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