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Bookmarks [2014-03-23]

  • Replacing `import` with `accio`: A Dive into Bootstrapping and Python's Grammar

    At Hacker School, I've been building an alternate universe Python by overwriting builtin functions and statements with Harry Potter spells.

  • Falling in Love With the Dark - Issue 11: Light - Nautilus

    “The first time people come out for dark skies, and we get Bortle Class 1 and 2 here, it affects them deeply,” Carroll said. “They’re blown away. The connection with the stars is inside all of us, but it has been sequestered away.”

  • Git is a purely functional data structure – Jayway

    Git can be accurately understood as a fairly simple functional data structure. Instead of explaining Git in terms version control, we can see the ability to do version control as an emergent property of using that data structure. I think talking about Git in this manner will more accurately convey the simplicity and power of Git better than any comparisons with centralized version control systems can accomplish.

  • Python’s Innards: Introduction | NIL: .to write(1) ~ help:about

    This post marks the beginning of what should develop to a series on Python’s internals, I’m writing it since I believe that explaining something is the best way to grok it, and I’d very much like to be able to visualize more of Python’s ‘funky green gibberish soup’ as I read Python code.

  • My Rust OS will never be finished (and it's a success!) - Julia Evans

    Not finishing your project doesn’t mean it’s not a success. It depends what your goals are the for the project! I wrote an operating system in Rust to learn, and I learned a ton. It’s not finished, and it won’t be.


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