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Bookmarks [2014-05-19]

  • The Meaning of Life | Derek Sivers

    Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living. What about the forgotten life?

  • Advice for ambitious 19 year olds - Sam Altman

    The best people always seem to be building stuff and hanging around smart people, so if you have to decide between several options, this may be a good filter.

  • Resources

    There are many coaching resources available for coaches and players to help develop Ultimate programs and improve skills.

  • Coaches Here is a list of resources for coaches and, of course, team captains, players, PE teachers, or anyone else who wants to teach skills, find a team to coach, or learn drills, plays, and strategy.
  • 17 People On The One Book You Should Definitely Read This Summer | Thought Catalog I figured I’d ask some young #tastemakers to share their suggestions with the world.

    The list below is rather diverse in style — from comedy, to business, to self-help, to fantasy, to classic literature-y books that you could smartly reference at “functions,” there might just be something for everyone.


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