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Bookmarks [2014-08-15]

  • Code is not literature

    The ideal presentation should be aimed at an audience of gentleman and lady programmers—smart, and generally capable but without, necessarily, any specific knowledge of the domain from which the code comes. Presentations should provide enough context for the audience to to understand what the code is and should explain any details of the implementation language that may be obscure to the average programmer.

  • Summary Report: Git Repository Disruption Incident of Nov 10th | Jenkins CI

    As reported in various places, there was an incident in early November where commits in our Git repositories have become misplaced temporarily by accident. By the mid next week we were able to resurrect all the commits and things are back to normal now.

    As there are many confusions and misunderstandings in people’s commentary, we wrote this post to clarify what exactly happened and what we are doing to prevent this.

  • a/esr-sharing

    I used to worry about what would happen if Linus got hit by a truck. With all respect, I still worry about what will happen if the complexity of the kernel exceeds the scope of your astonishing native talent before you grow up.

  • Overview | Adafruit's Raspberry Pi Lesson 5. Using a Console Cable | Adafruit Learning System

    In this lesson you will learn how to remote control your Raspberry Pi with a console cable.

  • A German Guy Wants to Give You a Bunch of Money for Nothing | VICE United States

    After he stopped working earlier this year to live off the $1,300 he makes from his startup each month, Bohmeyer says his life has radically changed. So he started “My Basic Income”, a new initiative looking to raise enough money to pay someone $1,300 a month for a year, no strings attached.


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