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What's up with org2blog?

Another post on org2blog. Yes, the project is still alive. ;) Well, frankly quite a few people seem to be using it, and I regularly get bug-reports and feature requests. I'm happy. :)

Actually, this post is to announce a change in the namespace of my org2blog. It turns out that there is another package that is called org2blog, but it posts to blogger. Tehom, the author of the other package got in touch with me, and we tried to clean up a few things. In this process, we decided to use two different namespaces, to avoid conflicts if a particular user has both the packages loaded. I am going to use org2blog/wp as my namespace prefix, instead of the older org2blog. So, if you are posting a sub-tree, you'll need to use the org2blog/wp-post-subtree function, instead of org2blog-post-subtree.

We, Tehom and I, did discuss the possibility of merging the two packages into a single huge package, but we think the amount of work is far greater than the payoffs. So, the packages continue to be called org2blog but we reference each others packages, to reduce the confusion, amongst users.

org2blog/wp version 0.4 comes with the new namespace.

Why I like Org as a markup

Org-mode, as a mode, is obviously awesome. The ability to move around whole blocks of text, for re-organizing documents and the usability of tables are just two brilliant features.

But, the org markup itself is such a cool thing. I've been looking at rst all day, and it's such a pain to find out where your headings are, what level your current sub-heading is at, etc. (I'll probably do a bit better, with some getting used to. I'm an org-addict. ;)). With org-mode it's so intuitive! It's so easy to find out, with just one quick look! I don't think any other markup has this coolness! Org-mode FTW!

To Ananthagiri

I had been to Ananthagiri, near Vikarabad for a 2 day ride. It was a fun ride. Thanks to Atlanta Foundation for renting the cyles. Hi-fi to all the riders who made it to the ride. A detailed report is here.

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My talk at 2010

I gave a short talk titled, Pictures, Songs and Python in this year's edition of SciPy India. The talk was a beginner level talk, mainly intended to get newbies excited about Python. My motive was to impress upon the audience that Python is a language to help you think in. It's a good playing ground to experiment with your ideas, quickly prototype ideas and have fun! To my surprise, the talk was liked by quite a few people. Thanks to Prof. Jayant Kirtane for the Bournville!

Here are the talk slides