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PS Ramblings

Note: This post isn't of much use to others (may be the same with other posts too.. :P) Just a few ramblings of the 2 month stay @ Delhi…. (allegedly doing a Project!)

  • All Scientists ain't Scientists
  • There's nothing BIG about Research papers… [You can do all sorts of things in there… something like the TOI comparison of Sachin and the Sensex… ;)]
  • The "Hacker Culture" ought to be adopted (or atleast something closer to it..) at Research organisations.. [I thoroughly hated the hypocritical behaviour of the people at my PS.. ]
  • Of all the people, the guy I found closest to being a hacker [w.r.t technical skills] was the guy operating the Photocopier… [this could well be a case of poor observation or under-estimation, but that's what I feel right now.. ]
  • Perfectionists manage to be imperfect at the perfect time…
  • Need to develop the ability to talk crap!(not just type in.. ) [comes in quite handy.. ]
  • I loved EBERing all these days.. got to keep it going. [jaanees.. need some help in this.. ;) ]
  • Loooong walks are great fun… [anybody game??]
  • I ain't a very Creative being…
  • I ought to learn to be more tolearant to using Windows, I guess.. [It was a real pain using it…]
  • My Will power (for doing stuff that I hate.. ) has tremendously increased!! Thanks to the one and only….
  • Any project that's not my choice will inevitably turn out to be a Projest [can't say much abt the others.. ;)]
  • Hostel in Coll is ulti cool.. don't ever dare compare any other one with it..
  • and found this cool pic… [I guess I need to follow him.. ;)]


ps: there's a lot more… but it ain't coming up here.. :P


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