Recurse Center, 2014-06-12

  • Came to know about the project that Tom is working on for being able to auth integration of GitHub and Hacker School. This will be useful for me, when I get to working on the GitHub dashboard.
  • I spent an hour or so to clean up by blog workflow and help scripts to insert tags in Nikola posts, etc. I also have a script to make a post for each day, automatically.
  • lolcommit is an interesting project, and Max is using it for logging his work at Hacker School.
  • Learned about laziness and the consequences of it. You cannot have side-effects, in a lazy language, if you want to keep the sanity of the developers using your language.
  • Pattern matching forces evaluation.
  • Also, briefly read about seq, halting problem and bottom from the Haskell wiki.
  • The week ended with presentations by Hacker Schoolers from this batch. It was also Alum day, so we had some Alumni visiting. I missed half of the presentations because I had to leave early for Suguna's graduation.

I hope to continue to do some work on the tutorials during the weekend, and get back to it and finish them next week.

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