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Recurse Center, 2014-06-21

  • I spent most of Saturday, thinking about what I should be doing for the next few weeks, and what I really want to get out of Hacker School.
  • I had a good discussion with Naren about things that he works on, and the kind of things that he sees as hard, what kind of things interest me, and what I want to do post Hacker School. I always knew, I didn't really have an area of expertise or an area that I'm super interested in, where I want to work. This discussion only was a verbalizing of those thoughts.
  • I am not sure, I am very happy with the way I have been learning Haskell. The UPenn course has been reasonably good with the exercises provided, and I have been learning through "pseudo" projects. But, I'm wondering if I should pick up a more concrete project.
  • I played around a little bit with Elm and started something to try and write Layout using Elm.
  • I tried cleaning up the phonebook problem from Friday. It works, but can definitely be improved with some help from a more experienced Haskeller.


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