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Recurse Center, 2014-07-09

  • Unicode issues: it turned out that (atleast) one of the files had a character that wasn't UTF-8 encoded. I got around it by trying 'utf-8', if not falling back to 'iso-8859-1'. Now that I think about it, I should fallback to 'utf-8' with replace, if that doesn't work either.
  • I did a little clean up on the way the indexes were stored, to be able to have a getfile, to mimic inspect's API.
  • I also "improved" the IPython startup script to monkey-patch the source code formatter/colorizer to not break with C modules.
  • The one-on-one with Allison was pretty useful, and I feel a little more relaxed now.
  • I paired with Kyle to get streaming audio working for his OSX app. It doesn't work yet, but we made progress! Hope to get it working today.
  • I spent the late evening trying to refactor some of the code and clean it up.
  • Also, updating the py-clang code to the latest version fixed the issue of unknown cursor kinds.
  • I may present my project in today's presentations!


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