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Recurse Center, 2014-07-15

  • Micheal demo-ed paredit mode in the emacs-club meetup, and I learnt a bunch of things I didn't know about it.
  • I added simpler tests (just one test, really) for cinspect using a dummy module, and Tom started reviewing the code. I wrapped up the code (for now), until there is further interest in the project (in the form of issues/feature requests). I haven't yet announced it anywhere, but I probably should.
  • I helped Teja (a friend of mine, not in HS) with a simple function to use bisection to solve an equation. He's just starting off with Python, and am looking forward to see where he goes with it!
  • I learned a few things about the V8 code base, thanks to sitting next to Marcus, who is poking around with it.
  • I started looking for other things to do, and went through a little bit of the Audio programming book, but didn't do it for too long, until I stumbled on Think Complexity and started reading it. I read the introduction, and got through a few of the exercises on Graphs.
  • I also played around Flask-Sockets to help figure out answers to some questions on Zulip, and was able to get a Hello World working.
  • In the process, I discovered the awesomeness of the gist-mode in emacs. I had always wanted gist plugins to let me list and update my previous gists, but most of the plugins didn't seem to have it, or the feature wasn't very discoverable. I had tried writing something like that for Canopy, one or two years ago. Discovering that gist mode has this feature, was awesome!


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