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Recurse Center, 2014-07-23

Shairplay and WS2801

  • Kyle mounted the LEDs onto a cardboard, and packaged it to look cool.
  • We thought we were done with the project, until we found out we weren't! The LEDs all lighted up correctly, when we played the audio from a file on disk, but streaming messed something up! Only the first few columns lighted up, when we were listening on the stream.
  • We spent the whole evening trying to debug the issue, and eliminated quite a few hypothesis, but weren't able to fix it, yet.


  • rntz live coded a parser for us yesterday, and I learnt a few things about parsers. I'm glad I went to the discussion/talk.
  • I started working through the videos of Anatomy of Matplotlib, and hope to get new insights into how it works.


  • Today will be spent mostly trying to get streaming audio working.
  • I feel like debugging this, will take my understanding of the hardware-software interface to a new level.


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