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Recurse Center, 2014-08-11

  • I spent about an hour in the morning testing out the staging blaggregator instance, and things seemed to work as expected. Side note, I got added as a collaborator on the blaggregator repo!
  • We worked through the first chapter on getting video working, but we mostly ended up just copying code rather than actually understanding/carefully studying it. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but we got to display fancy stuff.
  • I wasn't feeling like working on any of my 'old'/'ongoing' projects, and since Mondays don't feel very productive, I worked on writing a couple of simple scripts to create twitter lists of HSers, batch wise.

    For the HS API, I just reused some old code I had lying around from my experiments with the OAuth2 API, though I had to tweak it a little bit to be able to actually login, using requests. Something about CSRF tokens seems to have changed.

    In the process, I found that twitter's API isn't very pleasant to use. Or may be it's the fact that I was using python twitter client without getting my own client id/key, but the whole experience of dealing with the twitter API wasn't a pleasant one at all!

  • Amber, Daria and I also spent about an hour white-boarding some problems from the Cracking the Code Interview book.
  • I ended up fixing some minor issues with blaggregator and am hoping that the long pending PR will be merged today.


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