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Recurse Center, 2014-08-13

  • I feel like I didn't get much done yesterday.
  • I mostly worked on the API differ, but didn't get much done. I have a few tests, and some code for diffing two functions, but I'm not very happy with it.
  • I helped Giorgio and Carlos with using my client only hs_oauth script/library, for their Zulip bot.
  • The white boarding group worked on some binary related problems, and it was fun.
  • I looked at how the HS OAuth backend works on blaggregator and thought about how to go about fixing the issue of broken images on the site. The problem happens because the image URLs are returned from the HS API calls, that are made whenever a user logs in(?), and the URLs are cached. Since, HS uses cloudfront for its assets, the URLs expire after a period of time, and the cached urls in blag's database need to be updated. There could be two ways of doing it -
    1. Check if the URL 404s, every time a URL is requested, on the server side.
    2. Do it on the client side, with some javascript magic.

    Intuitively, I feel like 2. would be better, but Madhu suggested that 1. wouldn't be that bad either. We could try both out, and see which works better I suppose.

    I'd be interested to try this out, sometime.


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