I took it easy during the weekend, and went on a nice camp with my a cousin’s family to TobyHanna State Park for a day or so, and spent the remaining (long) weekend at their place in PA. It was a pretty nice break!

Yesterday evening, I talked to Madhu about how ugly my code looked while I was trying to use libclang, and he told me that he found a lot of wrapped C++/C libraries end up being that way, and I also realized that using the Python AST library seemed much cleaner, because it just contained Python objects, but representing C/C++ objects in an AST and interacting with them in Python, isn’t that clean.

I cleaned up my code, and removed all the ugly regexes to use libclang to do the parsing of the libs, and get the source code. I basically got all the tests passing, but they were taking an order of magnitude longer to run. So, I guess the next step is to cache things somehow.

I also added support for viewing the sources of built-in types. It was pretty simple, once I had everything working with libclang.