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Unread (8,762)

I am unread. Unlike you, who classify yourselves as well-read or not, I am classified as unread or not. Well, you could call me not well-read too, I guess. I was looked at once, my innards glanced through, and was hurriedly marked as unread, starred and tagged. Given my length, the care with which I was composed, and the flurry with which I was stowed away, I probably contain something important, to be read at the opportune moment, something to be cherished and to be replied to with diligence and care. I felt a sense of pride.

I got composed and sent weeks ago, and have been lying here untouched, since. I get buried deeper and deeper every day, with a daily flood of newer stuff piling up onto me. While my composer, eagerly awaits a reply, (less and less eagerly each day, though) I have lost all hope of being read and replied to. I curse myself for carrying something so important. A thousand other replies have been sent, and a few thousand others composed here, but my turn hasn't come, yet.

How I wish, it'd be my turn today. How I wish, I could push my way up through to the top of the stack. How I wish, I could see the eager wait come to an end! How I wish, I'm given the attention I deserved, today! Reply, ASAP!

PS: Apologies for all those emails that are still starred and unread, in my Inbox…

Who I am

I'm not the body that dies
on missing a beat or one breath.
I'm not the mind, so fickle,
I'm in heaven one moment, and next in hell.

I'm the moments I live,
not the ones, in which I just exist.
I'm the dreams I dream,
those fulfilled, and not just yet.

I am the occasions I grace
and those, missed, where I am.
I am the words I spoke,
those I wrote, and those I will.

I am all that I create,
and the stuff that I catalyse.
I am the love I receive,
and all of it that I spread.

Don't cry, when I die,
for I never really will.

A GNU and a friend

I now have a GNU! I bought it (a GNU soft toy) in memory of my friend swathanthran from #emacs-in. RIP swathanthran

As a bonus, I got the chance to have a photograph with just RMS and me. Also, hoping the monetary contribution will be of some use to FSF-India.

The thrill of getting the GNU (and the GNU itself) and shaking hands, getting photographed with RMS is dedicated to all the lafoots and specially to Voodoo, who taught me the meaning of the word "hacker".

Happy Hacking!

ps: I just hope and pray nobody else does anything as stupid and shocking as what swathanthran did.

org2blog on the web

Well, it's been a week of lull on my blog. Not that I'm very busy. But, just didn't have anything to post. I was feeling jobless today and searched the web for org2blog users. Here is what I found.

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  • Here’s a test post to wordpress for Org2blog – an Emacs plugin
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  • org2blog on
  • Marcel van der Boom – StatusNet

Another 60 ...

I'd We had been on a 60 km long trip today. My second one, and Ritesh's first. The map of our route is here. On the whole the ride was wonderful! A thoroughly enjoyable one. It was near perfect, with it raining only as much as we enjoyed an not anymore. :)

  • The ride on Godbander Road was the most enjoyable part of the ride. Simple Wonderful! That's what made the trip worth it!
  • It was more relaxed than my previous ride and it took us about 5 hours on the whole. We must've been pedalling for about 4 hours. I don't have the "actual" figures.
  • Except for the stretch of Western express highway (service road) from Jogeshwari to a little after the Sanjay Gandhi National park's entrance, the road was decent. The Eastern Express highway service road was awesome!
  • Cycling alone is totally different from cycling with someone else. We didn't really go together, but we were meeting up once in a while. The loneliness, of rides on which you are alone, is absent. But waiting for, or catching up with the other guy is a bit tricky. I wonder how it would be with a bigger group.
  • I tried to keep going at about 60% effort and I still had quite a bit of juice left in me, at the end of the ride.
  • My cycle is definitely good! I really only understood this after exchanging my cycle.
  • Exchanging cycles felt nice. A slightly different set of muscles were in action. The newness kinda helped.
  • I should probably get myself a bigger round frame spectacles. Or I'm craning my neck a bit too much, to keep looking ahead, while pedaling. How about contacts?
  • The problem with riding on the left of Highways is that you "compete" with heavy vehicles. It sometimes gets a bit scary.
  • I should get a helmet soon.
  • I should get in touch with local cycling groups and tag along with them on a couple of rides. I'll get to learn a lot of things.
  • Ritesh took a few pics with his phone. Photos in some later post or with an update.
  • Where to next? A ride inside the National park, probably or the wonderful roads of Navi Mumbai.

Kudos Ritesh!

UPDATE: A few pictures, that Ritesh clicked on his phone. All the photos were on the Godbander Road.









I'm back

After a short break, I'm back to blogging! A few things have changed meanwhile. A lot haven't.

  • Noetic Nought shall now be called Rustic Reverie.
  • The Blogs I read page is now manually populated. More pages might be coming soon.
  • My web presence has almost been reduced to just this blog. I hope to be blogging more often this time around. I guess I'll have shorter and more frequent posts. "Release early, Release often."
  • I've been inspired by Sacha Chua and her wonderful blog. She puts up anything that -
    • she may look up in future.
    • could be remotely useful to anybody on this planet.

    I like her idea of "thinking of writing as sketching". "Keep repeating yourself, until the core message floats to the top". It feels similar to the idea - "Release early, Release often."

  • Also, Thanks to Madhu and Vattam who set an impossibly high standard by having their resumes and letters of recommendations and other "personal" stuff on version control on public repositories.
  • All my posts will be made from org2blog - a little org-mode based client that I hacked up. Emacs and Org-mode all the way! This is the first post by me (and probably anybody) from org2blog!


I, Noetic Nought, shall remain shut for the next few months.

My owner wishes to be a by-stander, watching the world rush past him, for the next few months atleast. He may (or not) return to me. I hope, he does.

Bye all.

Blogs, Feeds and Readers

I want to be a part of the "reader-space" of blogs or web-sites rather than a part of the Google-reader ecosystem.

As most of my readers know, I'm big on Google Reader (and I have a reputation for that!). I'm a part of a wonderful ecosystem and get to look-at or read a lot of interesting stuff. I get a lot of variety, stuff that I wouldn't normally have come across. It keeps me from staying in a tiny well, reading the same kind of stuff, over and over again. I also like the fact that it acts as an archival system for me. I can go back and read posts, which don't exist on the web, anymore.

But, I have a problem with this ecosystem. It's killing the the communities around the blogs or sites, themselves. The reader count may have gone up, but the discussion and activity of the community on the blogs is going down; at least on the blogs I look at. Blogs are rather dead, these days. But, when one's following over 200 blogs, you can't expect much better. It is difficult to keep up with all of them; even the ones that one kept up well with, before. People stop going back to the comments; stop participating in the discussion.

Do you agree? Do you think it'll help it feed readers keep track of the comments and updates? Or is the only way to cut down on feed-reading and getting back to the old exciting way of checking out blogs? I recall an old quote I read - If it's not worth remembering, it's not worth reading.

UPDATE: I wasn't talking of my blog or comments here, in particular (if that's not already clear). I was talking of blogs, that I read regularly, blogs of people I know well (including mine). But then, there are blogs, that have over 1000 comments on a single post, too. Should the above quote could be changed to read - "If it's not worth reading, it's not worth remembering." ?

Just another bunch

Come spring -
a fresh lease of green
drapes the bare branches.

The leaves, dancing and whistling
to the tunes of the wind
playing, screaming, and singing,
in each other's company, enjoying.

Singing to one another
promises of sticking together,
come what may, through it all.

The song goes on,
but the count goes down,
not noticed or just unacknowledged,
first by one and then by many more.

the song, still, goes on.
And the promises too, of course.
The song goes on and on and on.

Until silence falls upon, when all
of them are gone. The tree, knowing well,
watches on - it won't be long before
a new bunch springs up to sing the song.

Super Power Play

My first Cricket match in a stadium. I regret that it was a T-20. I'm happy, though, to have got the darshan of bhaiyya a.k.a Sachin. Also, I did enjoy the energy of being in a stadium.

I was actually intent on watching MI vs. RR, but, junta voted in favor of the Opening Ceremony. It was a grandiloquent let-down, but for the fireworks. There was nothing really spectacular about the ceremony. A mediocre performance… With the kind of money they have at hand, and have spent, I really would've liked something better.

The match. DC vs. KKR. DC lost a game that it could've comfortably won. It would've been a decent match to watch, if not for the stupid DJ-ing. The game looked so different from what I'm used to seeing on the TV. [The only thing that was exactly as I saw in TV was, the crowd drooling at the cheer girls.]

I was shocked by the amount of disturbance a player has to overcome, while playing. Has the "gentle-man's" game turned into a "super-man's" game? Between each and every ball, the DJ is either shouting some incomprehensible inanities or playing some crazy "number" at the highest volume. The batsmen almost had to wait for him to shut up, before each ball. Can someone tell me if these are perks that the third version brings with it, or if I was happily ignorant, thanks to the TV watching? The heart-beat sound in the final overs was ridiculously annoying. I was looking forward to one of the batsmen throwing his bat at the DJ.

Also, it's a big joke to call this ground a "home" for DC. It was nothing close to a home ground, in terms of the crowd. I don't see Cuttack being any more homely, especially with the Kalinga Sena already passing crazy orders to the cricketers. DC will have to play exceedingly well to end-up anywhere near the top. But, amidst all this, I'm happy for the people of AP. With a huge electric-power crisis looming ahead, they have already saved (or produced) power worth 7 IPL matches!

Also, this is the end of IPL v3 for me. I'm done with cricket for this season.

ps: Trying out new wordpress features of Twitter, Facebook announces.