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Bookmarks [2011/03/16]

  • Being an outsider — Kiran Jonnalagadda’s Blog

    tags: life, programming, learning, inspiration

    The truth is, in the eleven plus years of my working life I’ve never worked at a software house, have never attended a computer class, and have no certifications. I wrote code through the ’90s, code and little else, telling everyone I was going to be a “software developer” when I grew up, and ultimately falling out of the academic system. But when it came to going to work, did I do the expected thing and join a software house? No, sir, I went into print publishing. What one does first sets the template, and this one sure did. I’ve put my foot into all manner of disciplines other than computer science, playing the saviour who produces the code, but bearing no certifications. I could afford it because I had put in my 10,000 hours already. After that much exposure, learning becomes automatic and incremental. I haven’t looked at a technology guide book in over a decade because I don’t need to. The book on my bedside today is on law. The one below it on film studies.

Bookmarks [2011/03/14]

  • Your Code Sucks - Girl Developer

    tags: lessons, code, programming, reading

    the only person's code that sucks is my own, and the reason why it sucks is I just haven't learned how to make it better yet.

  • How I lost my faith (very long) - comp.lang.lisp | Google Groups

    tags: lisp, python, code, programming, software

    I can't really go into many specifics about what happened at Google because of confidentiality, but the upshot was this: I saw, pretty much for the first time in my life, people being as productive and more in other languages as I was in Lisp.  What's more, once I got knocked off my high horse (they had to knock me more than once – if anyone from Google is reading this, I'm sorry) and actually bothered to really study some of these other languges I found myself suddenly becoming more productive in other languages than I was in Lisp.  For example, my language of choice for doing Web development now is Python.

  • SuperCollider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    tags: algorithms, programming, research

    an efficient and expressive dynamic programming language which makes it an interesting framework for acoustic research, algorithmic music and interactive programming.

  • Those Gray Beard Hackers And Their Tall Stories |

    tags: story, programming, advice, software

    Looking back at that time, the restrictions of the environment are the biggest single factor in bringing out the best in the people that worked with computers back then. Think of your programming career as one endless code-golf competition trying to find a way to get both your data and your code in memory at the same time

    … when I finally did land my coder job that I was amazed that people paid me for something that I would have gladly done for free

    Creativity knows no limits in a restricted environment. But productivity does.

Bookmarks [2011/03/10]

  • A tale of two programmers |

    tags: life, programming, story

    But it makes me wonder if there isn't a use for a 'programmer dating service', where the Steve's and the Chris'es of this world can meet up and achieve miracles that they alone would not be able to realize.

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Bookmarks [2011/02/20]

  • Sony & legal trouble

    tags: computer, technology, law

    Sony is lame, and is suing me for hacking MY OWN PS3. Help me own them in court:help: