Recurse Center, 2014-08-21

  • I added an additional view to xtab, to see all the pages that were killed, and reopen them, if you so choose.
  • Also, cleaned up the api-diff project and renamed it to what-changed.
  • Started thinking about building the GitHub organization dashboard, that I thought would be interesting to have, since the 1st or 2nd week of Hacker School.
  • A bunch of awesome thursday presentations, and job fair and awesome food by Chef Warren!

Recurse Center, 2014-06-20

  • Fridays are optional in Hacker School, and people are given help with preparation for job interviews.
  • This week's exercise was a "know-your-language" type exercise and I decided to do it with Haskell, and confirmed the fact that I didn't know it too well. :)
  • I spent the afternoon writing the blog-post on OAuth2, and adding support for converting ditaa code blocks to png using Pygments. It may not have been the best use of time, but anyway…