Hand in Glove

the time, together spent,
the memories cherished,
all the love, concern and care
may they stay with us, for life.

as high and far as you like
may you fly, like you own the sky
while I fumble, with my flying guide
I see the world, through your eyes

may you run, with all your might
as if, fighting for life, you are.
struggling to walk, I stumble and fall,
but get up each time, inspired to run.

may you, in all that we shared
find strength to go on, if en-route
our paths diverged; you may have to wait,
but you shall see me, on the other side!

Thanks to Chaitu, I re-read Love Unvoiced a few times and realized, I was trying to say too much. Here's another poem, with one part of what I wanted to say. I will not be writing newer poems, to say the other stuff. Perform your own Fourier analysis.

Love Unvoiced

Hard, I tried, to stay mum,
and keep it all within.
But, not much longer can I stand,
I give in, and here's my song

wherever you are, anywhere you go,
whatever you do, or choose not to,
whatever you think and however you feel,
my love for you, it shall only grow.

Sweet, is the attachment,
but let it not keep you from flying.
the clear open sky, it's all yours
fly! fly! fly!

see all that you want to,
and do all that you'd like to.
to your hearts content, fly!
without a care in the world, fly!

for, if ever, you wish to rest,
now you know, where to return
right here, I shall be,
with love, just a little more.

Mute, I chose to be, but, boy!
does it need to be told. All over me,
it's written; and you, sure, read me!
Love you, for being the more loving one!

The Third Round.

This post is just to keep up a promise that I made to a friend of mine (well, actually myself). Presently, its the placement heat in our campus and people are busy writing tests, waiting, giving interviews and partying. This post doesn't have much to with all that though. In one of the interviews, I was called back and asked about my Cleft Lip and Palate1. The interview panel had concerns if I faced any serious medical problems due to this. I explained to them everything that I knew about it and they were convinced.

Later, I realized, I never explicitly did any reading on this issue or asked my parents/others about this. I somehow knew about it always. I probably learnt at all those visits to the dentist or may be sub-consciously, when I was a baby. It isn't, though, surprising to me that those guys had some reservations about it. It's not everyday that you see a guy with a Cleft, though statistics say there's prevalence of 1 in 500 births world-wide. As a matter of fact, I myself haven't seen another guy all my life (except for the pictures at my dentists') (also, they weren't too wrong in suspecting other problems, though they had absolutely no clue about this medical condition)

If you are wondering what the point of this post is, it's nothing. It's just a pointer to those interested in reading further on Cleft Lip and Palate.



Cleft Lip and Palate – Wikipedia