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Recurse Center, 2014-06-18

  • Amber talked about "exploring only until the current task is done" and moving on, which is could really be a lost opportunity to learn something new and gain a better understanding of the system I am working with.
  • Having something (anything not directly related to the current project I'm working on) scheduled for later in the day, doesn't seem to do me much good. I feel distracted for quite a long period before the scheduled time.
  • Abstractions and layers were talked about in the second exercise on Applicatives… Layering, FTW!
  • I spent about an hour or so in the afternoon reading the paper, One VM to rule them all. It talked about Truffle: an API to implement an AST parser for any language and Graal: a JIT compiler for the ASTs. Later in the day, I also went to the Papers we love meetup. The presentation and the talks were quite interesting!
  • I also started looking at Elm and playing with it.