This post is by Dominick Mills, coming to us, thanks to Bloggerstock. Dominick aka Lije blogs at Lije’s Mindstate. My post on this month’s Bloggerstock topic will appear at That Ain’t Kosher.

And here is Dominick’s post for you

Hello I’ll be talking about a period in time I would like to do-over, however I couldn’t think of anything so I went in another direction….I’d like to thank Bloggerstock and punchagan for the opportunity leak my thoughts on this page….

I hope the readers understand that my views does not reflect those of the host’s page..before I get started though Let me take the time out to explain what Bloggerstock is all about. Bloggerstock is the brainchild of a small group of bloggers who connected on 20SB. The idea comes from the concept of a blog-swap in that maybe we could create our own kind of event where we all wrote posts to be posted on the next person’s blog. Essentially forming a blog-ring.

There’s a lot of things in life everyone would like to relive and do differently..I’ve been giving it some thought and it’s been racking my brain for the whole month now…I came to the conclusion that I have nothing I’d like to really do-over…

My reason for this is that I wouldn’t be this person I am…and I wouldn’t alter it in anyway…I love what I’ve become…if it weren’t for all the good and bad that occurred during my life time..I wouldn’t even be here writing this….or I wouldn’t even have the same goals and all my aspirations would be small…I know this all sounds weird but giving the fact that I am a weird person, those who know me, this is expected…I believe in things happening for a reason and without these occurrences we’d be something totally different, and

maybe not becoming what we’re suppose to be in life…sometimes we look at situations and think, " Just maybe if I had done this… or maybe if I hadn’t…" even if my decisions had made into a bum on the streets I think I would feel the same way…truth is we all have regrets..learning to live with them is the hardest thing to do..we tend to get caught up in the moment and want to relive those things..either for the good or the bad…but we fail to realize that it is those things that build character not for today but for our tomorrows.

Whether it’s falling for the wrong person, being back stabbed from a friend, getting hoodwinked from a stranger, or missing out on an opportunity….all of these are just life’s lessons being taught..with that being said you should never sulk over a decision we’ve made…in the end we’re our own cause of grief or happiness so don’t whine about it stuff that’s happened….accept what has happened and move forward…don’t hold on to them, but don’t forget them either…these are turning points in our lives so appreciate them..

Well that’s all I have to conjure up on the matter..though it kind of went against the topic a bit but hey am stubborn lol.. once again I’d like to thank punchagan for allowing me to feature on Rustic Reverie and also Bloggerstock for providing me with the opportunity to express myself on a fellow blogger’s page.. here’s a link to my page to view my featured blog post