This is a conversation from #org-mode, published without permission from plovs, BerntH and bremner. If any of you want any of the content removed, I will do so.

hi all

hi punchagan [18:36]

BerntH: ever used/tried blorg or blorgit? [18:47]

I like the way org-publish works, but blorg exports one org file as a blog. If blorg were to be re-written on top of org-publish, how should it be done? use one file per post or just one file for the whole blog? [18:52]

punchagan: another option is to use ikiwiki and use the org-mode plugin to render pages. This is what i do, although only a bit of the site is in org. [19:44]

bremner: can I have a look at your site? [19:45]

sure, it ain’t pretty, but: [19:46]

thanks. I’ll keep this in mind. [19:47]

I just loved the way this site looks and behaves –

well, the side bar at least is possible with ikiwiki. Other than that I suppose it is mainly a matter of css [19:48]

punchagan: nope [19:49]

ok BerntH [19:50]

punchagan ikiwiki does have an org-mode plugin [19:56]

plovs: yes, bremner told me that and I’ve seen on Worg too. :)

punchagan ah, yes, sorry

plovs: it’s alright. [19:59]

punchagan another possibility is org2blog, which uses wordpress

plovs: I’m the author of it. :D

lol, ik, that punchagan [20:17]


plovs: were you kidding? or serious? [20:19]

punchagan sorry to say i was serious, but it will not happen again :-)

i really like org2blog, played with it yesterday

plovs: no. I was just wondering if you were playing around with me. :P

I’m happy some one thinks it is useful.

lol, no, i just didn’t recognized your name, although it is kind of hard to miss [20:21]

I hope you don’t mind, if I make this anecdote public?