Some things I made in 2021:

A static site generator to listen to audio (and video?) files in a directory. I use it to host a couple of simple websites for music files. It also happens to be the first package I uploaded to PyPI despite writing Python for many years.
Ukulele Tutorials Aggregator
Inspired by, I set out to create an aggregator for Ukulele Tutorials for Indian songs. I’ve, with help from Kamal, populated about 300 songs on the site. I haven’t been able to keep up with maintaing it, after an initial bunch of work. I’ve wanted to automate more of the workflow, but haven’t yet.
RPi Server and Phone Backup
I’ve started to use a Raspberry Pi to backup data from my phone and laptop to a personal Hard disk. I’ve ansible scripts to reproduce the RPi’s setup, and some scripts to “sync” my phone’s data every few hours, when it’s on the same network. There’s a lot more that I need here, before I can ditch cloud backups of important things.
I made covers of about 10 songs on the Ukulele, that I shared with some friends. I’ve ways to go before I’m comfortable sharing them on the web, publicly.

I’m glad to have had the energy, time and resources to be able to spend time working on some fun things despite everything that 2021 had in store for us. Let’s see what 2022 has in store!

PS: This post is quite late into 2022, but it’s an excuse to post something to a blog that’s not seen any updates since the middle of 2020.

Hat tip to Bryan Braun whose post inspired me to write this