Like most bloggers, I keep looking at my blogs hits once in a while. (Sometimes inspires to write better; and more often.) The post that gets most hits these days is my post on mailman, postfix, et al. But the search term that’s increasingly bringing people to my blog is “punchagan”.

This scares me. What makes people search for me? What makes people search more often these days? Why am I scared?

Why do people use monikers or online identities? I started off with the idea of anonymity and privacy; keeping my online identify separate from my real one. But it, obviously, is a folly to have you email id with the same handle. Now, almost anybody who knows me, also knows my online handle. They can find me anywhere and everywhere with just a few keystrokes (and Google). Also, the uniqueness of my handle doesn’t help one bit. Any search returns over 90% relevant results.

Is it time to get lost in the crowd with a new handle? ;) Probably not. I don’t have much to hide under the covers. Let the world see – who I am, who I have been; where I am, where I have been.