Lots of Olympics stuff this week!

I really liked this ad - Rukna Nahi Hai - wishing all the Olympians a wonderfully spirited competition, at Rio. Go!

Brazilian marathoner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, the man who lit the Olympic flame, inspires me with his spirit.

This story of Mohan Kumar from Ambattur, a Chennai suburb is inspiring. “Now I am on the relay team. But in the next Olympics, I want to qualify for the individual event. That’s my aim.”, he says.

@vandith recommended the Nike+ Training App to me and I really like it. They have some amazing workouts and pretty neat personalized workout plans.

Coke Studio Pakistan is trying a delightful experiment with their show this time – they are trying to use lights and vibrations to let the hearing-impaired experience the music on their show better!

Sainath’s keynote at Film Writers Association conference was yet another of his thought-provoking speeches. He sends you down a spiral of thought, when he says, “How agonised we are when people die, and how untroubled we are by how they live”. I also enjoyed watching his (long) casual chat from an year ago, talking about his life and influences on him.

David Sassoon the founder of InsideClimate News writes about Non-Profit journalism, the need for it, and how to have more of it. He writes about it in the American context, but India has its own share of troubles. I consume quite a bit of news from independent sources, but don’t really contribute to keep them going. I should turn this around.

A bunch of residents of Urur Olcott Kuppam in Chennai responded to media’s broken coverage of TM Krishna’s Magsaysay award. I really liked how assertive they were about their role in the music festival, its role in their lives, and in clarifying how they see their fishing village as opposed to how the media portrayed it. They don’t mince any words.

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