NYTimes has been doing some amazing visualizations for the Olympics and this time lapse visualization of Bolt’s 100m Gold is great!

The History Project produced a book called Partitioned Histories that tries to contrast the narratives of India and Pakistan on their histories using school history text books. What a great idea!

This video about the Sunshine Orchestra being trained and tutored by Rahman and his KM Music Conservatory is touching.

Julia Evans’ posts on how to decide and think about what to work on are great. “Even reliably recognizing good ideas is hard!”, she says, and this resonates with me. Writing a release email as a way to think about why you are doing something is great!

Jasdev wrote about his monthly check-ins with friends. I thought they were such a great idea - simple, yet, powerful. “The only regret I have about these checkins is not starting sooner.”, he writes.

This Vox article on America’s increasing wealth gap along racial lines is really well done and thought provoking.