I liked this article advising developers on having healthy relationships. Most of it is common sense stuff – “Whether it be a side project or main project, understand that sacrificing relationships isn’t worth it.”

I really enjoyed this article by Priyanka on how she started talking to Auto Drivers. She shares a bunch of stories of drivers she talked to, that makes me wonder how many more such stories just go unheard, because I don’t talk.

@scopatz wrote up a nice argument explaining why @github should add back BSD to the list of licenses shown on the site. It taught me a thing or two about BSD and MIT.

I enjoyed spending the weekend at @mavin’s place, discussing continuous improvement in life, among other things. Also, had a lot of fun playing Psyche. The game is so addictive, but the app is not all that great. Someone should make a more robust app for this, or something that piggybacks on an existing network service like Telegram or Facebook chat or Google hangouts.

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg is a lovely song, that I discovered this week.