Looking for 30% feedback

For a bulk of last month, Ringo was living with me and it was great. Amongst other things, we cooked a bunch of things together and many of them were things that I would never want to cook myself. I’d never get myself to make chapatis for instance, since they always seem like a lot of work. But, we made them a few times, and I’ve gotten reasonably comfortable at making them.

During the same time, I also ended up picking up some Uke lessons, and it has been really helpful to have Ringo around and pointing me at the right exercises to do, based on the skills I lack. I probably would’ve eventually come to those exercises, at some point, but it is nice to have some active feedback, and quick course correction.

A bunch of us having been trying to get good with handstands, and some of us have tried to do some practice on our own. We did make some progress in our own practice, but practicing as a group seems to have jumpstarted us and it seems like we all made a bunch of progress in a pretty short span of time.

Some friends of mine are working on building a cycle trainer. It takes some effort to learn to get onto it, and to balance yourself. A couple of them did a bunch of practice with it and were finally able to get onto it comfortably. And then they were able to transfer the knowledge to another person pretty quickly - he was able to get onto it in just about 5 minutes. It could be that the person was more skilled than the others, but it seems unlikely to me, given that the other two people took about the same time to learn to use it. I think they were able to give him much better feedback, than they had for themselves, as they practiced while learning by watching videos.

It just helps to have someone stand-by and look over doing the mistakes you are making, and help you out, because you are too busy learning your skill and can’t really tell what mistakes you are making.

Working together with someone is a nice way to learn things that you’d otherwise not learn, or learn slowly. Getting good feedback can really help you pick up things to work on and improve upon, quickly. Pick someone nice to work with!

I think pair programming would be one thing that would definitely fall into this category.

If you are working on a project all by yourself, you are definitely missing out on this. You have to collaborate, with people willing ot collaborate and help, to learn better!

I think this could extend to having mentors in other areas of life too, like trying to find a new job, starting up a new company, trying to find a date, etc. Even if you didn’t have a mentor, it definitely helps to have someone trying to do similar things as you are, and giving each other feedback.

I think having the other person around is very valuable. There’s a lot more bandwidth to catch things that you yourself won’t be able to catch and communicate to your learning partner/mentor. But, in these times of the pandemic, having that person around may not really work.

I have been trying to mentor a couple of people, but I don’t know if I have been a good mentor or not. I’m always happy to talk to them - but may be I should initiate more conversations myself, than wait for them to start conversations?

I am not sure if they have had any such epiphanies or benefits from having me as a mentor.