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Bookmarks [2013-10-16]

  • linux How can I register a custom protocol with xdg? Super User


    Finally found a solution for using org-protocol with chrome, without dirty hacks in xdg-open!

  • MillionShort


    Imagine a search engine that simply removed the top 1 million most popular web sites from its index. What would you discover?

  • Do you want a meaningful or a happy life? – Roy F Baumeister – Aeon


    People ask what is the meaning of life, as if there is a single answer. There is no one answer: there are thousands of different ones. A life will be meaningful if it finds responses to the four questions of purpose, value, efficacy, and self-worth. It is these questions, not the answers, that endure and unify.

  • Typical Programmer How to develop unmaintainable software


    I get paid to take on technical debt. Here are some things you can do in your own software projects to keep me in business.

    (via Chaitu)

  • QUIZ: Modern Art or Children’s Drawings? | Bored Panda


    Art, and what we do and do not consider to be art, has changed a lot over the last century. It has become an increasingly difficult thing to define for the average person, and sometimes even art historians and experts can’t seem to keep up.

    This was illustrated in a 2005 survey done by ABC News in which modern masters’ works were mixed into a series with paintings done by children and toddlers. Regular people and art critics alike were asked to choose from the series – which of these works belong in a museum and which ones don’t? Now, Buzzfeed has released a similar survey as well, which we’ve expanded on a bit.

    The results of that survey indicate that either we have a long way to go before we can define what is and isn’t modern art, or that there’s no need to define it so strictly in the first place. Whatever the case may be, let’s see if you’re any better at telling modern art from children’s drawings than the experts are!


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