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Bookmarks [2013-10-28]

  • Some misconceptions about Hacker School

    I’ve encountered a few misconceptions about what Hacker School is and who it’s for. I’m not an official source of information; for that, I recommend the User’s Manual and this blog post. Having said that, here are a few things I’ve heard people say that attest to misconceptions about Hacker School, and my responses to them.

  • Static Site Generators

    The definitive listing of Static Site Generators — all 200 of them!

  • We can live with our D, can you live with your A?

    My lad wouldn't like it all. He is fearless. Just like his mother.

  • This Guy Photographed Every Stage Of His Wife's Cancer. The Last 3 Photos Destroyed Me.

    From Angelo’s blog: “I remember the exact moment…Jen’s voice and the numb feeling that enveloped me. That feeling has never left. I’ll also never forget how we looked into each other’s eyes and held each other’s hands. ‘We are together, we’ll be ok.’”

    Throughout her battle, Angelo decided to photograph it. He wanted to humanize  the face of cancer on the face of his wife. The photos speak for themselves.

  • It doesn’t take 10,000 hours to learn a new skill. It takes 20. And here’s how… The Next Web

    It takes 10,000 hours to become an “expert in an ultra competitive field” but to go from “knowing nothing to being pretty good”, actually takes 20 hours. The equivalent of 45 minutes a day for a month.

  • Gender inequalities in Google search | Facebook

    UN Women uses real Google searches to highlight Global Sexism: The campaign uses the world's most popular search engine (Google) to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem. The adverts show the results of genuine searches, highlighting popular opinions across the world wide web

  • Noobness restricted to blogosphere only: Atal Sarige to Vajra

    My commute is a journey. A journey toward finding the right balance between the two cities. This is Bangalore. The city offers you everything you need and sits back and watches while you imprudently pick only what you want.


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