Finally, I’m at Hacker School. The day began with introductions, breakfast and welcomes to HackerSchool.

The four rules of Hacker School were reiterated to all of us:

It was made clear that each of us should watch ourselves not to break these rules, and being called on breaking these rules is totally cool, and we should stop about it and think for a moment and move-on. Breaking the rules doesn’t make us bad hacker schoolers. We are all here to learn!

I liked the idea of all of us being asked to list out the things that we are nervous about, and excited about. I was happy to find that a lot of the people were nervous about the similar kinds of things I was nervous about. I’m not alone!

After the check-ins, I started off with the Introduction to Haskell course by Brent Yorgey. What I did was mostly a recap of what I learned from the first few chapters of Learn you a Haskell. I learnt about how credit card numbers are validated, apart from learning a little bit about lazy evaluation and thunks.

The day ended with burritos and game night Mafia!