I came super early to try and get some work done in the quiet before the daily checkins time. Continued with the Haskell tutorial and reading the Real World Haskell.

Finished a couple of exercises from the UPenn course, that were pretty straight forward.

Also, finished a few exercises from chapter 3 of real world haskell, and partially finished implementing Graham scan for generating a convex hull for a set of points.

The exercises from both the places involved mainly learning about Algebraic Data Types.

Mary pinged me to ask how the first couple of days were, and it was good to talk to get a ping from her though I never talked to her.

I’m going to continue working on the Haskell exercises today.

I also got a couple of ideas for small projects:

Doing them in Python would be pretty straight forward. I will try to work on these things in Haskell, once I’m reasonably comfortable with Haskell.