Hacker School, 2014-08-28

All good things must come to an end, and so did our batch! We got our Hacker School t-shirts, and had a super fun picnic at Prospect Park.


Hacker School, 2014-08-27

  • I spent the whole of yesterday just working on the LED-bot.
  • Spent some time cleaning up meta-stuff about the project, making it a real package, adding a setup.py, added LICENSE & AUTHOR files, etc.
  • I found it really frustrating that there's no good/standard way to remove duplication of information between pip's requirements.txt and install_requires
  • We got the bot running on the Beagle Bone, but it turned out to be too slow. After some playing around with trying to get rid of Python for-loops, I was able to use PIL's image.tobytes and some image cropping to get the data to be sent to the LEDs, and it sped up the display quite a bit.

Hacker School, 2014-08-26

  • I spent most of the day refactoring the code for the LED Bot, and am happy with the way it looks right now.
  • My talk at Hack and Tell went OK. I was distracted by livereveal not displaying properly on the smaller resolution, and not being able to mirror screens!
  • There were a bunch of interesting talks presented by the others. http://comparea.org, Taxis and Rainbows were the most interesting ones for me.